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10 Unforgettable Manitoba Experiences

See the polar bears in a Tundra buggy

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in North America

Explore the heart of Canada in Manitoba – from polar bears, extraordinary natural phenomena, world-class parks, to outstanding museums. Give in to your sense of adventure and see for yourself why Manitoba is a special destination that shouldn’t be skipped.

1. Visit the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”

Up north of Manitoba and located on the shores of Hudson Bay is the town of Churchill, “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” More than 60% of the recorded polar bear population roam its lands and you can see them up close while touring on a tundra vehicle, visiting a wilderness lodge, or on a walking tour with an expert guide. Aside from the mighty polar bears, Churchill is also home to other species like the beluga whale, Great Gray Owl, wolf, bison, caribou, and more.

2. See the Northern Lights.

Known for its ideal position within the Aurora Oval, the ring above Earth’ Geomagnetic North Pole, Manitoba is a great spot for witnessing one of nature’s most mysterious and stunning phenomena – the aurora borealis. Although it’s most visible between January and March, the Northern Lights can be seen up to 300 nights a year. Stay the night at a cosy lodge, set up camp in the middle of the wilderness, or ride a Tundra Buggy – there are plenty of ways to experience nature’s light show in Manitoba.

3. Visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

Thought-provoking, inspiring, and honest, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights explores human rights as they relate to the individual and our society through a series of interactive displays and videos. Located in a modern building inspired by the landscape of Canada, the museum emphasizes on the stories of human rights issues told from different perspectives. It houses exhibits that dwell on subjects like the First Nations and Inuit people, the Holocaust, World War II, and many others.

4. Visit the Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site.

For a unique look into the 1900s, travel to the quaint village of Inglis, just north of the Yellowhead Highway near the Saskatchewan border. Discover the last remaining row of wooden grain elevators built during the golden age of Canada’s grain trade. Learn about the history of Canada’s prairie agriculture and the giant elevators that once dominated the Canadian plains.

5. Have lunch at The Forks.

The diversity of the stores you will encounter at the Forks Market will keep you roaming for almost half a day. Inside restored historical buildings, you’ll find unique and charming shops, gourmet restaurants, and local food stalls. The food menu ranges from Italian, Japanese, Caribbean, to Sri Lankan – it’s almost like an international buffet! Dine on the outside patios overlooking the river or have a picnic and enjoy your meal with a view.

6. Explore the Riding Mountain National Park.

Open throughout the year, the Riding Mountain National Park is a destination for all seasons. With a landscape of grasslands, towering forests, charming meadows, and the prided Clear Lake, the park is a wonderful experience for all outdoor activities. From the more physical sports like scuba diving hiking, skiing, and horse riding to more relaxed adventures like star gazing, fishing, and wildlife spotting, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Riding Mountain National Park.

7. Spend a relaxing day at the Grand Beach Provincial Park.

Set on a long stretch of fine, white sand by the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Grand Beach Provincial Park is a favourite spot for anyone looking to escape the city and spend some time under the sun. Just an hour drive from the city of Winnipeg, Grand Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Canada. It’s especially packed during the summer season for families and friends.

8. Go fishing.

Encompassing more than 100,000 lakes and waterways and 50 fish species such as the Walleye, Yellow Perch, Channel Catfish, Smallmouth bass, Lake Trout, Bullhead, and more, Manitoba is a fishing haven for all. Near Winnipeg and only off the shores of Red River, Lockport is a known spot for reeling in trophy sizes. Other popular fishing destinations include Falcon Lake. Lac du Bonnet, Clear Lake, and Lake Winnipeg. Whether you’re fishing for leisure or sport, Manitoba is the place to cast that hook.

9. Enjoy a day at the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Another testament to the amazing natural landscape of Manitoba is the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Surround yourself with luscious hills, lakes, rolling fields, forestry and rivers as you take the time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are cottages available near the lakes, but most of the area is pure nature with moose, deer, and bears roaming the park. It’s a playground for everyone, young and old, and open all-year round.

10. Find your inner peace at a deluxe spa.

At the end of the day, your Manitoba holiday will not be complete without treating yourself to a day of relaxation. Indulge in a Nordic spa treatment, discover ancient bathing rituals, discover the beauties of at an outdoor spa, or melt al your worries away with an Indigenous therapy practice. Find the time to unwind and disconnect from the rest of the world Manitoba-style.

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