Toronto, Ontario Travel Guide & Holiday Packages

Experience the sights of Canada’s largest and most diverse city: Toronto!  If your ideal weekend is spent hiking and exploring the great outdoors, Ontario is the place to be.

City's highlights to visit include: the Eaton Centre, Chinatown, CN Tower, Old and New City Halls with St. Lawrence Market! From here, you can explore the Niagara Falls with its most popular attractions: Hornblower Niagara Cruises, White Water Walk and Journey behind the Falls and Niagara Fury.

Home to the nation's capital city, Ottawa, Ontario region has vast wilderness areas and over a thousand waterways and unlimited opportunities for discovery. There are hundreds of outstanding hiking trails, all with incredible views. Plan a trip to Tobermory and hike along the Bruce Peninsula or take a trip to Muskoka or Peterborough and explore the outstanding parks and waterfront trails. 


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When to visit

May–Jun  Celebrate spring and marvel at moose, trilliums and loons in Ontario's parks.

Jul–Sep  Join the Toronto's festival atmosphere.

Oct–Nov    Fall colors the leaves throughout the province.

How big is Toronto?

Toronto’s overall land area spans 244 square miles (632 square kilometres). Meanwhile, the city area stretches 2,280 square miles (5,905 square kilometres).

How did Toronto get its name?

The city’s name comes from an Iroquois word meaning ‘where there are trees in water’. This term described a weir for catching fish.

What language is spoken in Toronto?

According to the city’s latest census data, 93.4% of residents speak English. 1.4% speak French, while 0.8% speak both languages.

What currency is used in Toronto, Ontario?

Residents use the Canadian dollar. Notes range from $5 to $100, while coins have the following values:

  • 1 cent

  • 5 cents

  • 10 cents

  • 25 cents

  • 50 cents

  • $1 and $2

What is Toronto known for?

The city’s claims to fame include an inclusive spirit and endless experiences and attractions. Beyond that, Toronto carries special nicknames and attracts party animals with lively nightlife.

Is Toronto a safe city?

People consider Toronto one of the safest North American cities. Still, it’s best to stay vigilant while exploring Toronto and report any crime to the authorities.

What is the coldest month in Toronto?

Below-zero temperatures and constant snowfall make Toronto extremely chilly during winter. January and February are the city’s coldest months, with temperatures below -25°C.

When should I visit Toronto?

You can book flights to Toronto in late April to May or September to October. The city gets the most visitors in summer, but expect high fares and accommodation costs.

How do I travel in Toronto?

Public transportation reigns supreme in Toronto, in particular subways, streetcars and buses. Travelling via Toronto’s public transport system requires tokens or passes.

How long should I visit Toronto?

Exploring the best of Toronto will take you around a week. It's the perfect length for spring, summer or autumn holidays. But if you’re seeking a quick holiday, consider a two-day visit.

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