Manihi Travel Guide and Deals

Manihi offers the experiences of a tropical island, in a heavenly setting where palm trees line the white sand beaches.

Manihi is located 200km from Rangiroa and flights to Manihi take 1 hour and 40 minutes from the island of Tahiti. The oval shaped atoll is about 27km around and 8km across. The lagoon of Manihi is dotted with coral, which attracts an amazing variety and abundance of fish! Manihi offers the experiences of a tropical island, in a heavenly setting where palm trees line the white sand beaches.

The lagoon waters are warm, clear and inviting and are well known among snorkellers and divers for their beautiful and diverse marine life. Manihi also has ancient marae sites located at the north and south ends.

The main activity in Manihi is black pearl farming, with more than 60 farms which produce some of the most perfect pearls you can find due to the exceptional climate and environment of Manihi.

We love the untouched beauty of many of the motus in Manihi. The fish life is unbelievable and the snorkelling some of the best we’ve done!

Manihi will suit those travellers looking for a quiet, remote and unique experience in a paradise setting! There are no hotels on the atoll and just a scattering of small pensions, allowing you to immerse in the Polynesian way of life.

Manihi FAQs

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Where is Manihi Island located?

Manihi is the Tuamotu archipelago’s northernmost atoll. It’s 520 kilometres (323 miles) away from Tahiti.

How long does it take to travel from Papeete to Manihi?

A direct flight to Manihi from Papeete lasts an hour and 15 minutes. If you depart from Rangiroa, direct flights are around 35 minutes.

How do I get around Manihi?

You can explore different areas on foot, scooter, bicycle, or rental car. If you’re travelling to Manihi’s inner lagoon and nearby islets, some resorts or villages can provide a motorboat, canoe, or sailboat.

What can I do during my stay in Manihi?

Manihi’s crystal clear waters, vivid coral reefs and powdery sand beaches are the perfect setting for aquatic adventures. Pearl farms are also abundant in the lagoon, offering a unique opportunity to see the artistry behind sourcing these exquisite gems.

Where can I stay in Manihi?

The most common Manihi accommodations include top resorts with overwater bungalows, private resorts and family-operated guesthouses for a comfortable, intimate stay.

Does Manihi have any diving spots?

The Turipaoa Pass and The Circus are Manihi’s main diving destinations. Beautiful manta rays are known to roam these waters. You can schedule a dive with the Blue Way dive centre in Manihi to witness the splendour of these magnificent creatures up close.

What can I expect from my stay?

Manihi’s residents enjoy an idyllic, slow-paced lifestyle. There’s very little commercial development in the area, so you look forward to peace and quiet.

Is Manihi a populated area?

No more than 1,000 inhabitants live on the atoll, making it less populated than other Polynesian islands.

Can I travel to my Manihi accommodation by boat?

You can ride a boat to reach your accommodation. Since boats only go to Mahini occasionally, so you must schedule your trip in advance with your travel agent or accommodations.

Are there any tours I can join?

Many boat tour operators will gladly take you around Manihi. Some operators also offer fishing and snorkelling trips.

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