Gastronomy Cruises: A Delectable Feast for the Senses

Sample local cheeses and wines on a gastronomy cruise

Posted by on 01 Nov 2019 , in Europe

If cruising is legendary for anything, it's the dining experience. During a gastronomy cruise, you're being served a tasty meal curated like a tempting visual poetry as you sail smoothly across a glassy river. The palate-pleasing journey puts you in a blissful trance, albeit for a while - but throw a bespoke itinerary into the mix and that transitory moment becomes an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Belmond Fleur De Lys takes alfresco dining to a whole new level

Eating becomes a multi-sensorial fare

A gastronomy cruise makes eating a multi-sensorial fare. You’re being offered a wide range of onboard and offshore excursions that turn the food experience into an ultimate extravaganza. Alfresco dining, dinner under the stars, food tasting sessions, garden picnics - food cruises give both your eyes and tummy something to feast on. The usual activities include cooking lessons on board, visits to local markets, tours of vineyards and wineries, sampling a handful of regional dishes and enjoying luxurious meals at Michelin-starred restaurants. Peek through this Enchante's culinary cruise itinerary and you’ll know for sure it’s going to be every foodie’s dream cruise. From hunting truffles in the Minervois hills, to trying out a special breed of escargots at an artisan farm, and making a stop at L’Oulibo home of the famous Lucques olive – this cruise wins the game!

A fusion of food and art at the Saraphina Barge

Come for the tour, stay for the meal

With a gastronomy cruise, the food is delicious and wholesome, as is every detail in your itinerary, curated with delicate care and making sure to satisfy every epicurean’s appetite. You may be concerned about the calories you consume but cruises do a fantastic job in making sure you’ll burn off those fats in a fun and engaging way (e.g. biking on the hills, walking tours, park visits, and sightseeing in valleys which can be included in your itinerary). Plus, some boats have their own bicycles and sports equipment you can use to help keep your adrenaline up.

Luxury barge Athos gives dining a whole new meaning

Takeaways are pretty hard to beat

Sure, you can learn how to cook from your mother, from recipe books and from online sites. But nothing compares to learning it straight from the experts – while you cruise along the beautiful waterways of Europe. This feature remains a crowd drawer for many gastronomy cruises. Take a look at this exciting Belmond Alouette culinary delights cruise. The chef on board will teach you how to cook and prepare French dishes such as quiche, terrine, lemon tart, Gazapacho, bourride, cassoulet and souffle as you cruise between Beziers and Carcasonne along the Canal du Midi. Aside from wine tastings and market visits, you’ll also be travelling through TGV connections from Paris Gare de Lyon to the nearest station to the barge mooring. Talk about a feast for the eyes and (for your tummy!) Life on cruise couldn’t get tastier than this!

Chef at Enchante shows you how its done.

Cheese, wines, and everything in between

Whether you're into cheese or passionate about wines, there's a gastronomy cruise tailored for your taste. The food choices are diverse and if you're particularly into French wines, European barges are your best bet. Here’s a little fun thing to know: Thomas Jefferson was said to be a wine connoisseur who often traipsed out to Bordeaux and Burgundy looking for the finest wines to fill his cellar back in the US. If you’re specially drawn to wines like Jefferson, you might want to check out Belmond Amaryllis La Semaine des Grand Crus and discover what makes French wines as irresistible as their cuisines.

Feast on this luxurious offering from Belmond Fleur de Lys.

Bespoke gastronomy cruise

A gastronomy cruise is a great way to broaden your palate as well as widen your food vocabulary. There's fun in trying something new from the plethora of food choices and there's a distinct bragging right that comes discovering something that's not readily available in your daily life. Sure you can find exquisite delicacies just around the corner - but only food cruises can give you a rare glimpse into its history, production, and all the insider details surrounding the offering. Only a gastronomy cruise is able to give you what you need for a truly unique and authentic food travel.

You'll surely love the view (and the food) onboard luxury barge Luciole.

Are you a food junkie who have never been on a gastronomy cruise? Say it isn’t so.

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