Why Fiji?

Posted by on 18 Mar 2021 , in Islands

Every holiday should be special. This has never been more true after 2020 and the year that was, with no international travel for Australians. Now is the time to start dreaming about your first post COVID holiday. Research has shown having something to look forward to is extremely positive for our mental health and overall well being. As of early February 2021 , the Fijians have achieved 291 days of being COVID free outside of quarantine which makes it one of the safest destinations to travel to once the borders are open.

In order to keep travelers safe , Tourism Fiji have implemented their Care Fiji Commitment which is a program that includes enhanced hygiene and health protocols that abides by the World Health Organizations guidelines to ensure that consistent risk mitigation measures are practiced throughout the Fijian Islands.

Fiji – where the sands are white , the waters are pure and the people welcoming and hospitable. Whether you’re an adventure lover or simply seeking serenity and relaxation, Fiji offers it all. From the very first time you hear a loud “ BULA “ , the traditional Fijian greeting, you know that you are in for a memorable holiday. When planning a trip to Fiji , its usually the beaches and ocean that comes to mind but this island beauty offers stunning waterfalls, rainforests, amazing mountaintops and a rugged coastline.

Most of the islands of Fiji have beautiful beaches that are protected by coral reefs. Many of the resorts are built near sand bars which enables you to enjoy a piece of sand for a day with a picnic lunch. For those that prefer a swimming pool, a holiday in paradise without a luxurious pol to sit by and soak up the tropical Fijian sun The 5* hotels in Fiji , especially on the island of Denarau tend to pride themselves on their swimming pools.

Fiji is a snorkeler and divers paradise. The diving here is best known for its soft, colourful corals , array of marine life such as colourful fish, turtles , sea snakes and occasionally manta rays. For some shark action, the Beqa Lagoon area , is the place to dive where up to 8 different species of sharks will make an appearance. Just about all resorts have onsite PADI dive offices so beginners and certified divers can make a splash and see the wonders of the sea below.

For the foodies, the Fijian cuisine is an exciting melting pot of both international and local flavours. The freshness of the seafood caught every morning , the aroma of the mix of herbs and spices used , the woody touch of a coconut cut from a tree at your resort , it can be overwhelming. Also a taste of the national drink Kava is a must while in Fiji. A kava ceremony will usually be held in all of the resorts and you will be invited to taste the natural drink with its bitter taste that slightly looks like muddy rain water!

Fiji is a standout when it comes to being “ family friendly “ . Almost every hotel can offer a nanny and or a kids club , this means parents get a break too! ( especially after the 2020 home schooling!) The Fijians love to teach children local traditions and you can just tell how important family and culture are to the Fijians by the way they look after children. 

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