Spanish Islands Travel Guide & Holiday Packages

From the glitz and glamour of Ibiza, to the multi-faceted charm of Tenerife to Mallorca - the favorite spot of Spain's royal family, the stunning Spanish islands offer you the best experiences dipped in hues of green and blue.

Fun Facts About the Spanish Islands

Set sail for a sun-drenched getaway across the stunning Spanish Islands, with each destination offering its own slice of paradise. The Spanish Islands are not just beach destinations, they are cultural melting pots steeped in history. Each island boasts its own unique flavour of Spanish life. Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana mountains offer breathtaking views, while Tenerife's Mount Teide is Spain's highest peak and home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the country. Ibiza's old town, Dalt Vila, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, emanating centuries of history within its walls.

Escape to the diverse beauty of Spain's beloved islands with our exclusive Spanish Islands holiday packages. Discover the historic charm of Mallorca, the rhythmic pulse of Ibiza and the dramatic landscapes of Tenerife.

Spanish Islands Holiday Packages

Our travel packages to the Spanish Islands are your passport to the ultimate Mediterranean escape. Discover your perfect escape to these destinations. 

Helpful Information

When to visit

The Balearic Islands enjoy a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and hot summers, making them popular destinations for tourists seeking sun, beach, and outdoor activities especially during the summer months.

The Canary Islands have a subtropical climate, characterized by warm winters and mild summers. The islands experience mild temperature variations throughout the year, making them an excellent destination for year-round travel.

What are the Spanish Islands known for?

The Spanish Islands are known for their unique charm. Mallorca's historical allure, Ibiza's lively evenings and Tenerife's stunning natural terrain are all thoughtfully included in our travel packages.

When is the best time to visit the Spanish Islands?

The ideal time to visit is from late spring to early autumn for the perfect mix of sunny weather and pleasant temperatures.

What are the top attractions in the Spanish Islands?

Highlights of our package deals to the Spanish Islands include the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria in Mallorca, Ibiza's UNESCO-listed Dalt Vila and Mount Teide in Tenerife.

Are there any special honeymoon packages available for the Spanish Islands?

Yes, we offer honeymoon packages that combine romance with the unique charm of each island. Whether it's a candlelit dinner overlooking the Mediterranean or a private tour of hidden coves, romance is guaranteed.

Are there family-friendly holiday packages with activities for kids?

Indeed, our family-friendly holiday packages are designed with children in mind, featuring a variety of activities suitable for all ages. From interactive museums, water parks to family-oriented shows and workshops, we can ensure there's joy for every member of the family.

Can I customise a holiday package to include specific activities or experiences?

Customisation is key, and we're happy to tailor your itinerary to your specific interests.

Are there any luxury holiday packages available with upscale accommodation and services?

Our luxury holiday packages include comfortable accommodations and attentive services for those looking to add a little extra comfort and convenience to their Spanish Islands getaway. Enjoy quality stays and thoughtful amenities that elevate your island experience.

Are guided tours or excursions typically included in holiday packages?

Guided tours and excursions are a staple feature in many of our travel packages to the Spanish Islands, offering expert insights into the local culture, history and landscapes.

Are there any wellness or spa-focused holiday packages available?

Our wellness and spa-focused holiday packages cater to those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, featuring serene spa resorts and holistic experiences across the Spanish Islands. Engage in revitalising treatments, therapeutic sessions and tranquil activities that nurture both body and mind in picturesque island settings.

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