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Rocky Mountaineer Train Tour

An unforgettable way to experience the Canadian Rockies. Offering four unique North American rail routes and renowned for its luxurious glass-dome coaches, Rocky Mountaineer is considered by many to be one of the world’s ultimate travel experiences. The breathtaking scenery is complemented by vibrant storytelling, regionally-inspired cuisine and impeccable service. Onboard, everything is choreographed to make your journey feel special, effortless and unforgettable.

The Rocky Mountaineer: Canada’s Premier Rail Experience

Discover the heart of Canada in unmatched luxury with our exclusive Rocky Mountaineer packages. Glide through awe-inspiring topography, where verdant forests meet towering mountains and pristine lakes. Experience opulence at every turn in your plush seat, savour gourmet delights, and enjoy service that's nothing short of exceptional. Get ready for an adventure wrapped in luxury, waiting just for you.

The Rocky Mountaineer: Elegance on the Tracks

The Rocky Mountaineer is a renowned luxury train that offers a unique opportunity to explore Canada's varied landscapes in comfort and style. It traverses the verdant regions of the Pacific Northwest all the way to the majestic Canadian Rockies. Passengers enjoy attentive butler service and a range of modern amenities, making it a quintessential choice for those seeking a luxurious rail journey.

Routes Covered

Our Rocky Mountaineer packages feature four unforgettable routes, showcasing Canada's varied landscapes and attractions:

First Passage to the West

Traverse the historical transcontinental rail line on the First Passage to the West, Rocky Mountaineer's most popular route. Travel between Vancouver and Banff/Lake Louise, witnessing spectacular sights like Cisco Crossing, Hell’s Gate, and the Spiral Tunnels. Behold the beauty of Avalanche Valley, the iconic Hoodoos, Stoney Creek Bridge, Rogers Pass, and majestic mountains like Castle Mountain and Mount Rundle.

Journey Through the Clouds

On the Journey Through the Clouds, witness the unspoiled beauty stretching from Vancouver to Jasper. This route offers breathtaking views of Rainbow Canyon, Pyramid Falls, Albreda Glacier, and the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson. Experience the grandeur of the West, passing through Moose Lake and over the Yellowhead Pass.

Rainforest to Gold Rush

Explore the Rainforest to Gold Rush route for a journey through diverse terrains, from Vancouver to Jasper via Whistler and Quesnel. This route, available exclusively in GoldLeaf Service, takes you through historic Whistler and the heart of the gold rush era. Revel in the stunning views of Mount Robson and the seemingly impassable wilderness that define this route.

Rockies to the Red Rocks

Embark on the newest route, Rockies to the Red Rocks, traversing the United States from Denver, Colorado, to Moab, Utah. This journey, offered in SilverLeaf Service, showcases the changing landscapes of the American West. Marvel at the red sandstone formations of Ruby Canyon, the grandeur of Mount Garfield, and the engineering marvel of Moffat Tunnel.

Unique Features & Experiences Offered

Dive into the Rocky Mountaineer experience, where luxury meets the wild beauty of North America:

  • Luxury Redefined: Settle into our spacious, glass-domed coaches that offer sweeping panoramic views. Recline in comfort as you soak up every stunning landscape, from the rugged Canadian Rockies to the lush Pacific Coast.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in a feast for the senses with our gourmet, regionally-inspired cuisine. Each meal is a celebration, crafted to reflect the unique flavours of the journey.
  • Service That Shines: Enjoy personalised service that caters to your every need. Our dedicated team is committed to making your journey unforgettable and effortless.

Highlights of The Rocky Mountaineer Journey

Scenic landscapes

Our Rocky Mountaineer packages offer an immersive experience into the diverse beauty of North America. Witness:

  • Coastal Splendour: Gaze out at the magnificent Pacific Coastline.
  • Mighty Rockies: Marvel at the towering grandeur of the Canadian Rockies.
  • Forests and Rivers: Be enchanted by dense, green forests and tranquil rivers.
  • Canyons and Deserts: Witness the stark beauty of canyons and deserts in the American Southwest.
  • Iconic Sights: Spot landmarks and natural wonders, including Mount Robson and the Spiral Tunnels.

Cultural Wonders

The Rocky Mountaineer not only showcases natural splendours but also offers a journey rich in cultural experiences:

  • Start or end in the vibrant city of Vancouver, a city full of life and scenic views.
  • Travel through historic rail towns rich in North American railway lore.
  • Immerse yourself in the art and traditions of indigenous cultures.
  • Savour local cuisines and fresh ingredients reflecting the regions you traverse.
  • Engage with onboard entertainment and educational talks.

Planning and Booking a Rockey Mountaineer Rail Journey

How to Book

Start planning your dream journey with Rocky Mountaineer by visiting our website. Select from a range of packages that can be tailored to fit your schedule and travel desires. If you're looking for that personal touch, our friendly travel experts are just a call away. Our experts are eager to help you with detailed information and guidance. Once you've booked, we'll send you a confirmation with all the details you need.

Preparation Tips

Follow these tips in mind and you're set for a seamless and enjoyable journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer:

  • Essential Documents: Bring your passport, visa if needed, and rail tickets.
  • Pack Wisely: Adhere to the train’s luggage policy and opt for smart-casual attire.
  • Know Your Itinerary: Review departure times, excursions, and dining schedules.
  • Secure with Insurance: Consider travel insurance for peace of mind.


First Passage to the West

Following the transcontinental rail line, the First Passage to the West is Rocky Mountaineer’s most popular route and travels between Vancouver and Banff/Lake Louise. Route highlights include Cisco Crossing, Hell’s Gate, Spiral Tunnels, Avalanche Valley, Craigellachie, Hoodoos, Stoney Creek Bridge, Rogers Pass, Kicking Horse River, Castle Mountain and Mount Rundle.

Journey Through the Clouds ClassicExperience the natural wonders of the West on the Journey Through the Clouds - Witness unspoiled beauty from the bustling city of Vancouver to the beautiful mountain town of Jasper, the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. Route highlights include Hell’s Gate, Cisco Crossing, Rainbow Canyon, Avalanche Valley, Pyramid Falls, Albreda Glacier, Moose Lake, Yellowhead Pass and the majestic Mount Robson. 

Rainforest to Gold RushWitness true wilderness on the Rainforest to Gold Rush route between Vancouver and Jasper via Whistler and Quesnel. Explore the mountain mecca of Whistler. See hidden lakes and canyons few others get to witness. Available in GoldLeaf Service only, relax in comfort as you move through seemingly impassable terrain by the Rocky Mountaineer train. Revel in the history of the gold rush, marvel at Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. 

Rockies to the Red RocksThe newest route, Rockies to the Red Rocks, travels in the US between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah. With the ever-changing landscapes between Moab and Denver, this journey takes you from mesmerizing red sandstone landscapes that twist through the bright blue sky to majestic mountain ranges. Available in SilverLeaf Service only, this rail route is filled with highlights best seen by train, including Ruby Canyon, Mount Garfield. Moffat Tunnel and crossing the Continental Divide.



The Rocky Mountaineer offers a stunning window to the scenic landscapes in the Canadian Rockies. It allows you to admire beautiful sights, from mountain ranges and alpine terrains to majestic rivers and cascading waterfalls in complete comfort and luxury.

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Life on board

No matter which service level you choose, every journey comes with breakfast and lunch served onboard; coffee, tea, drinks and snacks throughout the day; spacious and comfortable seating; hotel stays at midpoint destinations such as Kamloops, Quesnel, Whistler or Glenwood Springs; large glass-dome windows; plenty of photo opportunities and the Rocky Mountaineer hosts sharing stories and history along the route!

Rocky Mountaineer offers two levels of service: SilverLeaf Service and GoldLeaf Service*. Both come with friendly hosts and endlessly amazing views.

SilverLeaf service level gives you everything you need and more to experience the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in luxury: panoramic views, delicious meals and beverages brought right to your seat, friendly Hosts and complimentary baggage transfers. The custom-designed glass-dome coaches give you a truly panoramic view of your surroundings. The oversized windows give you a clean, crisp view and make photography a snap. So you can take it all in from the comfort of your reclining chair. Or you can get a little bit closer in the outdoor viewing area. 

With GoldLeaf Service, indulge your senses with gourmet meals prepared by Executive Chefs, and expansive views through the panoramic windows of a bi-level glass dome coach through the Canadian Rockies. Stretch your legs and your viewing angles and make your way to the outdoor viewing platform. Sink into your spacious seat on the upper level and enjoy meals in the lower-level dining area. 

Train by Day - Hotel by Night 

As the evening sun casts a golden glow on the landscape, you climb off the train-and into a comfy hotel bed. With Rocky Mountaineer you get the best of both worlds: maximum views and maximum comfort. The daylight only service means you will be staying in beautiful hotels at each destination. 

*Note: GoldLeaf Service is not offered on the Rockies to the Red Rocks route.


Enjoy a menu inspired by the bounty of the passing regions, highlighted by prize-winning wines from British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Whilst onboard Rocky Mountaineer, breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages are all included. Need a top up? The friendly hosts appear right when you need another beverage!

Rocky Mountaineer FAQs

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Does Rocky Mountaineer have sleeper cars?

No. These are daylight rail journeys through the Canadian Rockies and American Southwest and are scheduled to show guests all of the scenery. We offer packages with hotel accommodation options pre- and post- your rail journey, and all include accommodation in the mid-point destination.

Can Rocky Mountaineer facilitate people with special needs and/or disabilities?

Rocky Mountaineer will make every effort to meet any special needs, including the requirements of disabled guests. Some of the Rocky Mountaineer coaches are wheelchair accessible. GoldLeaf Service coaches have elevators for guests who have problems using the spiral staircase. Please inform us at the time of booking if any assistance is required.

What is the best time of year to travel?

Each year, Rocky Mountaineer’s season operates from April to October. These are all daylight tours meaning you stay overnight in comfortable accommodation in Kamloops, Quesnel, Glenwood Springs, and Whistler, the halfway points of the rail journeys. Travelling during this time of the year ensures that we take full advantage of the daylight hours and the spectacular scenery during the time of year when the regions show their full colours.

Can you cater to special dietary preferences?

While the onboard menus will have a selection of options to cater to various tastes and dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc., we ask that all guests notify us of any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance of travel.

Please advise us of your special dietary needs or allergies, at least 60 days prior to travel.

Does the train have Wi-Fi?

There is no Wi-Fi internet access onboard and much of the train route is out of cell phone range due to the train travelling through remote areas. There is cell service in major urban centres such as Kamloops, Quesnel, Whistler, and Glenwood Springs. We recommend guests use the outdoor viewing area for phone calls.

It is strongly recommended that guests disable data roaming or switch their device into airplane mode. Rocky Mountaineer will not be liable for any roaming charges incurred.

Is smoking permitted on the train?

To ensure the preservation of the fragile environment of the areas travelled through and for the comfort of all guests, there is no a smoking or vaping policy of any kind onboard Rocky Mountaineer, including vestibules, restrooms, inside the station, on the platforms or near the tracks. There is also no smoking in hotel rooms. We recommend that you prepare for the journey accordingly.

What is the dress code on the train?

Dress onboard Rocky Mountaineer is casual. Here are some recommendations on what you may want to wear onboard the train:

  • Comfortable, cool layers as there are expansive windows
  • A light jacket or sweater as the air conditioning may feel just right for some, but chilly for others
  • Flat-soled shoes with grip to help keep you steady with the natural movement of the train
  • A hat and sunglasses for sunny days

Are we able to pass between rail coaches?

While you aren’t able to move between rail coaches, there are opportunities to move around within your coach. If you book GoldLeaf Service, you will enjoy a bi-level glass-dome coach with spacious seats upstairs and a dining room and outdoor viewing platform below. If you book SilverLeaf Service, your spacious, single-level glass-dome also has access to an outdoor viewing area to enjoy the fresh air. For Rockies to the Red Rocks, you also can enhance your journey by adding-on SilverLeaf Plus which will allow you access to the lounge car.

What are the luggage allowances?

Your rail journey includes complimentary luggage handling between destinations. When you check-in for your rail journey at one of Rocky Mountaineer’s Guest Centres, you will be given a Rocky Mountaineer luggage tag. All checked luggage must include a Rocky Mountaineer luggage tag and a personal identification tag, including full name, return address and phone number.

Luggage allowances onboard Rocky Mountaineer

Luggage guidelines include:

  • Maximum two pieces of luggage per person
  • Total weight of luggage per person not to exceed 30kg, with a maximum weight per piece not more than 23kg.
  • Oversized items may be subject to surcharge
  • All luggage is subject to Rocky Mountaineer’s luggage policy
  • Pack your fragile or breakable items in your luggage with care. Rocky Mountaineer is not responsible for any broken items.

Please note, if you booked a package there may be additional luggage restrictions due to accommodation or transportation inclusions. Refer to your travel documents for further details.

We recommend that you bring a day pack or bag which is small enough to fit at your feet onboard the train as there is no overhead or under seat storage, and you will not have access to your checked luggage while onboard. The space for your day pack or bag is approximately 16” x 11” x 8” in GoldLeaf Service, and 23” x 8” x 8” in SilverLeaf Service.

Will I need travel insurance?

As with all holidays and trips abroad, we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please consult with our agents at time of booking and we can assist you with this.

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