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VIA Rail's flagship train, The Canadian, travels four-nights between Vancouver and Toronto and lets you see the breadth of the country like never before. Leave the city centre behind and glide past gentle prairie fields, rugged lake country and picturesque towns to the snowy peaks of the majestic Rockies. The Canadian features all the elements of a classic rail journey with a dining car, glass viewing domes and your own private cabin where you fall asleep to the gentle rocking of the rail.

No other mode of transportation allows you to experience the country so intimately.

Experience the romance of the rails and spectacular scenery from the comfort and elegance of the restored art-deco surroundings. Discover the magic of land cruising in Sleeper Touring class. Privileges include fine dining, a choice of comfortable accommodation, a shower in each sleeping car and exclusive use of the Park and Skyline Cars lounges and domes. Year-round the Skyline Car is transformed into a family-oriented activity car. 

Life on board

Sleeper Plus offers the added comfort of amenities, great service and your choice of a cosy berth, a cabin for one, two or three people.  The show continues inside the train with wine tastings, presentations, access to lounges and cars with glass ceilings. Inside the dining car, enjoy freshly cooked meals, regional specialties, non-alcoholic beverages and stunning views. Cabins include a WC and sink, with access to a shared shower.

Prestige Sleeper Class provides an exciting level of comfort and service for travellers.  Enjoy spacious cabins, a personal concierge and a turn down service nightly. Relax in the laid-back atmosphere in the lounge of the Prestige Park Car. Indulge in this refined comfort as you watch the Canadian countryside pass you by. Your room includes a private bathroom, with toilet, sink and a shower as well as alcoholic beverages and an enhanced dining service.


The Dining car will be open to Sleeper Plus passengers. Reservations are needed for lunch and dinner. The Dining car is just another one of the joys of rail travel. 

VIA Rail - The Canadian

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Can I sleep on the train?

The Canadian Train offers sleeper berths and cabins for passengers. These accommodations include upper and lower berths, as well as cosy cabins suitable for one to four travellers. Additionally, there is an opportunity to reserve a Prestige Cabin, which provides a private bathroom and shower.

Where does the Canadian train go?

The train in Canada breaks at prominent locations such as Vancouver, Kamloops, Jasper, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Toronto, as well as numerous other smaller destinations.

Is there a dining car on the Canadian?

Certainly! Sleeper Plus Class and Prestige Class passengers are granted access to the dining car, where they can enjoy three delectable meals prepared by skilled chefs each day. Economy Class passengers, on the other hand, have access to meals, snacks, and a diverse selection of beverages provided by the train attendants. It's important to note that for Economy Class passengers, the cost of the Canadian Train does not cover meals or snacks.

Are meals included?


Enjoy a selection of meals, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages sold at affordable prices.

Sleeper Plus class and Prestige

To enjoy an elegant ambience and gourmet meals served in the dining car, choose Sleeper Plus or Prestige class to have all meals included in the price of your ticket.

You wish to bring your own food on board?

Before you do so, be aware of VIA Rail's rules on transporting, refrigerating and heating personal foods. All rules follow the recommendations made by Transport Canada and Health Canada:

  • Passengers in all classes of service do not have access to self-serve microwave ovens in any car.
  • Passengers cannot bring their own food to refrigerate or heat up unless it is for medical reasons or severe allergies. The only exception is baby formula and baby foods. In these cases, the employee will handle both refrigeration and heating. Foods must be kept in their own sealed containers to avoid possible cross contamination.
  • Take-out attendants are responsible for heating all foods purchased at the take-out, including hot water.
  • Passengers cannot use their own heating devices (portable microwave, kettle…). Electric or battery-operated baby bottle heaters are the only exception.
  • Passengers can travel with a small cooler with personal items and dry foods they can keep sealed in their accommodation or seat storage.

Can special meals requests be accommodated?

Travellers in Sleeper Plus and Prestige classes can be served special meals provided that 15+ days’ notice is given.

Can travellers with special needs be accommodated?

Whether you are travelling in a wheelchair or have any other special needs, VIA Rail will try everything they can to meet your requirements and make your trip as pleasant as possible.

The range of special services on offer varies across Canada, depending on stations and train facilities.

What is the dress code on the train?

Dress onboard The Canadian is casual. Here are some recommendations on what you may want to wear onboard the train:

  • Comfortable, cool layers as there are expansive windows
  • A light jacket or sweater as the air conditioning may feel just right for some, but chilly for others
  • Flat-soled shoes with grip to help keep you steady with the natural movement of the train
  • A hat and sunglasses for sunny days

Does the train have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is not offered on this train. It is available at these stations: Vancouver, Jasper, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Is smoking permitted on the train?

This route offers a smoke-free environment. Those who wish to smoke will be able to do so during regular station stops at Capreol, Hornepayne, Sioux Lookout, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper and Kamloops.

Will I need travel insurance?

As with all holidays and trips abroad, we strongly recommend that you have travel insurance. Please consult with our agents at time of booking and we can assist you with this.

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