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Northern Lights | Credit: Robert Postma / Government of Yukon
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Discover what makes the Yukon larger than life!

A visit to the Yukon is a vacation like no other, capturing the hearts and imagination of travellers from around the world. Its majestic mountains, untamed wildlife and crystal-clear waters beckon travellers and adventurers alike.

Yukon boasts the tallest mountains in Canada, rivers of legendary proportions and a haven for some of Canada’s most impressive wildlife. Yukon is a destination for all seasons, there’s a myriad of wonderful activities for all kinds of adventure.

If you’re looking to witness one of nature’s most mysterious and enchanting natural phenomenon, Yukon has one of the longest aurora borealis seasons in the world. The allure of the northern lights cannot be captured in words, you have to experience them for yourself.

Welcome to the land of the large, that is uniquely Yukon.

Why Travel To Yukon


Situated in Canada’s northwest region, Yukon is bordered by the Northwest Territories to the east and Alaska to the west. Its historic and diverse region attracts many first-time and returning visitors alike. There are countless things to do and places to explore from national parks, snow-capped mountains, alpine-fed lakes to historic museums. There’s also the incredible Northern Lights. Find out what makes Yukon unique and Canada’s best-kept secret.


About a quarter of the population of Yukon has indigenous ancestry, so the First Nations culture and traditions are very much alive in the territory today. There are museums and cultural centres like the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre that introduce you to their heritage and history. Another significant part of Yukon’s story is the Klondike Golden Rush, one of the biggest Gold Rushes in North America. Dawson City is brimming with Gold Rush history with sites like saloon doors, wooden heritage buildings, and Canada’s oldest gambling hall.

Northern Lights

Yukon has one of the longest Northern Lights season in the whole world. Just beyond the Arctic Circle, with Dawson City lying right under the Aurora Oval, nature’s most coveted light display lasts from August to April. The winter days in Yukon are short, allowing for more time to view the dancing lights – the best time being between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am. If you’re lucky, you might catch them right outside your cabin. But for a closer experience, you can drive out of town and away from the city lights to witness the beautiful Aurora Borealis swirl across the dark sky above you.


The Yukon is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking, canoeing or biking tours in the Summer to snowshoeing, dogsledding and snowmobiling in the Winter. Find peace in the wilderness while you try your hand at ice fishing, explore the fantastic landscape on a horseback riding tour, or get your dose of adrenaline rush while rafting through wild rivers. All these great adventures partnered with the amazing views of Yukon make for memories that will last a lifetime!


Yukon is wild – literally! While the human population is 35,000, the caribou themselves are 160,000 and the moose are 70,000. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast and want to encounter them up close and personal, you won’t have to look far to find them. Elks, squirrels, and foxes often wander close to civilization while they look for food. Canada’s BIG 5 – bear, wolf, moose, elk, and deer – can all be spotted in Yukon.


Almost 80% of Yukon is untouched, untamed, and uncrowded. Look around and you’ll see a panorama of mountains, impressive lakes, and magnificent forests – all in a larger scale. Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak and North America’s second highest, is just well above the horizon with St. Elias Range, a long belt of rugged mountains. Kluane National Park holds the Guinness World Record for largest non-polar icefield in the world and it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can marvel at the majesty of glaciers as long as 60 km.

Fantastic Yukon Fantastic Yukon
5 Unforgettable Weekend Adventures in the Yukon

5 Unforgettable Weekend Adventures in the Yukon

For those with the ambition to travel in untamed lands, conquer unnamed mountain peaks or gaze into an endless wilderness in every direction, the Yukon has it all.

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CANADA, Why we love it!

Road tripping’ and self-drive journeys

Canada’s road trips start or end in an iconic gateway city. Cruise quiet highways and intriguing back roads that wind through incredible national parks, picturesque hamlets and friendly communities. Keep the camera poised for road-side wildlife along the way!

Greatest light show on earth

Canada’s north offers front-row seats to the enchanting northern lights. Visit the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Churchill, Manitoba, during winter for an extraordinary light show that will dance into your heart and change you forever.

Canada’s most famous residents

They’re dazzling, beautiful and permanently trending on social media. From polar bears, narwhals and caribou, to grizzly bears, bald eagles and beluga whales, Canada’s most famous inhabitants will leave you awestruck.

Canada’s cultural immersion

From coast to coast, Canada’s cultural destinations, diverse cuisine and innovative arts scene reflect the true spirit of Canada. Explore National Historic Sites, world-renowned museums and national galleries. Celebrate at artisan and culinary festivals, and get to know some of Canada’s remarkable Indigenous communities.

The stuff of legends

Stay in a wilderness lodge where wildlife roams free; experience a white Christmas at the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise; eyeball a polar bear (from a safe distance) in the wilds of Churchill. Experience Canada’s legendary adventures – we promise you’ll never be the same again.

Canada’s wellness staycations

Lose yourself in Canada’s tranquil forests and national parks. Reach for new heights on a heli-yoga adventure that gives new meaning to ‘salute to the sun’. Relax in a 5-star spa or soak in a natural hot spring for a full mind, body, spirit rejuvenation.

Winter wonderland

Ski Canada’s perfect powder on runs that seem to go on forever and stroll through ancient canyons adorned with icy sculptures. From dogsledding to ice-skating on iconic frozen lakes, Canada’s cool winter adventures are the stuff of daydreams.

Outdoor adventure

With its soaring mountain ranges, wild rivers, picturesque hiking trails and urban green centres, Canada’s unparalleled outdoor adventures offer something for everyone. Four-season active escapades offer horse-riding, skiing, cycling, mountain biking and everything in between.

Culinary Canada

Sample masterful craft beers and new release wines in British Columbia, feast on traditional fare like poutine and bagels in Quebec or salivate over fresh lobster rolls in Nova Scotia. Canada’s culinary scene is as vibrant as the multicultural people who call this country home.

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Travel insurance is strongly recommended. During the Book Now process please confirm you require assistance, and our team will be in contact with you.

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Before you travel it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate documentation including visas. If you are travelling on a passport other than Australian or New Zealand, you will require a permit to re-enter Australia. It is your responsibility as the traveller and/or travel booker to meet all government entry requirements.

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Please visit the Entire Travel Group's Agent Portal. We are here to support our industry partners with a range of informative updates, marketing collateral for campaigns and a reward & recognition program.

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  • On any page that has Book Now simply follow the booking process.
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On some Islands Holiday Packages (e.g. Fiji), it is practical to include flights, so where we have done this it is indicated by the plane icon.

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We found that many customers may prefer to:

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We are able to assist with flights on any Holiday Package, so please just notify us during the Book Now process or contact our team.