Switzerland Travel Connection

Switzerland Travel Connection

No other place in the world can ever rival Switzerland’s bewildering natural scenery. Book this dream destination and let Switzerland Travel Connection take you to a jaw-dropping realm of lush rolling hills, soaring snow-capped Alps, and glittering lakes. Spoil yourself with chocolates & cheese throughout the journey.

Switzerland Travel Connection

Brace yourself for a wide range of accommodation and tour packages to Switzerland—home of spectacular mountain panoramas, snow-capped alpine peaks, and enormous lakes.

Switzerland Travel Connection offers dream packages that are as good as Swiss chocolates and cheese! From budget-friendly yet incredible escapades to luxurious, activity-packed trips, we are always full of recommendations for you.  We make most of our packages flexible, allowing you to create a unique trip that suits your interests and budget.  Our travel experts can come up with customised itineraries, which always include well-known Swiss attractions, for a group of friends, family, work group, or couples.

Switzerland, a neighbouring country to France, Germany, Austria, and Italy, has so much to offer—unique experiences, adventures, breathtaking sceneries, food, art, history and culture, and more.

Cross different regions easily through the Swiss travel system, a network linking trains, buses, boats, and mountain railways nationwide.  Famous rail journeys, such as the Golden Pass Line, Glacier Express, Bernina Express, and Gotthard Panorama Express, traverse along scenic routes, passing sparkling blue lakes, vineyards, country estates, snow-covered mountain peaks, glaciers, and winding tunnels.   

For adventurous individuals, we arrange extraordinary excursions that top the bucket list.  Travel through the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel.  A trip to Jungfraujoch, Europe’s highest railway station, is worth all the effort when you finally reach the Sphynx viewing terrace.  Hold your breath as you ride a train that runs along the world’s steepest cogwheel railway on the Pilatus.  Witness a beautiful world of eternal ice on a journey to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise through Europe’s highest cable car.  For an adrenalin-pumping experience, ride the world’s first revolving cable car or the first ever open top cable car called CabriO, or cross the highest suspension footbridge in Europe on mount Titlis. 

Aside from snow-covered peaks and frozen lakes, the geographically diverse country also boasts lush green valleys and rolling hills.  We tailor great packages to discover further these outstanding landscapes.  Activities, such as a walking tour, self-guided cycling, and self-drive tour, are set on well-marked, accessible trails or routes for easy navigation.

One of our best tour packages involves a hiking trip along Rhaetian Railway’s Albula and Bernina lines, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It features a fascinating picture of the over 100-year old engineering masterpiece with a panoramic view of the Alps.  Following Lakes Route by bike is another perfect option. The journey takes you along the shores of Lake Geneva, through the Gruyères region, and to Lake Lucerne.  Pass by rustic valleys, villages, and ornately decorated chalets.

As an experienced travel agency, we can tell that one cannot simply leave Switzerland without tasting their world-famous wine, chocolate, and cheese.  For food enthusiasts, we create packages focusing on culinary exploration.  Savour a selection of exquisite wines at the Vinorama then indulge in a gourmet experience to the Gornergrat with meal stops en-route.  Get a chance to meet a local Swiss family for dinner as well.  Discover how chocolates and different types of cheese are made when you visit Maison Cailler Chocolatier and Gruyère cheese dairy or the Emmentaler Show dairy.  Hop on the Chocolate train, running between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory, and spoil yourself with the goodness of Swiss chocolate and cheese.

Thanks to the influences of German, French, and Italian culture, Switzerland stands as a country with fascinating heritage.  Realize this when you reach its medieval capital, Bern.  Explore the city on foot to see iconic landmarks, such as the gothic cathedral of Münster, the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), and the Albert Einstein Museum. 

Some of our tours also lead to enchanting places like the Gruyère castle, Chillon castle, Oberhofen castle, and the ever popular Christmas markets that open during the festive season.

There are so much more to explore in Switzerland and we couldn’t be happier to share them all to you. Hurry and visit Switzerland Travel Connection at www.switzerlandtravel.com.au for more information. You can also talk to us through phone at 1300 550 946 or send your inquiries to info@switzerlandtravel.com.au.

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