Denarau Travel Guide & Holiday Packages

Denarau is the gateway to the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. It’s also home to many world-class resorts, restaurants, shops and a championship 18-hole golf course!

Fun Facts About Denarau, Fiji 

Denarau is an exclusive resort enclave that has something for everyone. The island’s nine resorts offer myriad experiences, from world-class golf and award-winning spas to idyllic honeymoon retreats and thrilling water adventures. Each resort is a 30-minute drive from Nadi Airport and a short walk from Big Bula Waterpark. 

Attached to Nadi by a short causeway, Denarau offers a tranquil retreat within easy reach of town. Casual eateries and upscale restaurants scatter along Port Denarau, serving up a delightful mix of ethnic and authentic cuisine.  

Denarau, Fiji Holiday Packages

Experience the radiant waters and lush, tropical fauna of Denarau, Fiji with our holiday packages.

Helpful Information

Bula Bus

The Bula Bus is a great way to get around in Denarau, for only $8 FJD (approx. $5 AUD) per adult per day you can hop on the local mini Bula Bus which will transport you between all of the hotels, Marina, Waterpark and Golf Course.

What are some popular holiday packages for Denarau, Fiji?

Many Denarau holiday packages centre around the various amenities offered by its integrated resorts. You’ll be treated to an intimate Fijian retreat and excursions to the world-renowned Port Denarau Marina.

Are there any special honeymoon packages available for Denarau, Fiji?

Denarau is the ultimate honeymoon haven, with its exquisite resorts nestled in lush gardens and private villas boasting sweeping ocean views. Picture a tropical breakfast by a private plunge pool with your new spouse.

What are the top attractions included in most holiday packages for Denarau, Fiji?

If you have children in tow, the Big Bula Waterpark won’t disappoint with its sizable wave pool and tropical atmosphere. But the star of the show is the island’s extensive beaches and azure waters teeming with marine life. 

Can you book guided tour packages in Denarau, Fiji?

You can easily arrange a guided package tour with your Denarau resort or explore curated holiday packages from providers like Entire Travel Group to get the best deals. Our travel experts are well versed in the finest experiences Denarau has to offer. 

Are there any wellness or spa-focused holiday packages available?

Denarau is quite known for its wellness-focused resort experiences, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Spa havens like Wyndham Denarau Island, The Palms Denarau, and Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa are prime examples. 

What is Denarau Island known for?

Denarau is renowned in Fiji for its long stretches of beach and opulent amenities spread out across this walkable island. Visitors have various water activities to enjoy like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

When to visit Denarau, Fiji?

For clear and balmy weather, the optimal time to visit Denarau is between May and September. While there is some risk of cyclones from August to October, Fiji generally enjoys warm and pleasant weather throughout the year.

Is Denarau a man-made island?

Denarau is indeed a man-made oasis built from reclaimed mangrove swamps. It’s not too far from the bustling Fijian city of Nadi, but it enjoys relative seclusion thanks to its unique characteristics. 

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