Northern Islands Travel Guide & Holiday Packages

The Northern Islands of Fiji are remarkably different from the other regions in Fiji, here you will find lush rainforests with hidden lakes, spectacular waterfalls and some of the best scuba sites in the world.

Fun Facts About Northern Islands, Fiji 

Northern Fiji includes the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni, which boast pristine rainforests, stunning coral reefs, cascading waterfalls, and hidden lakes. Local life unfolds at a leisurely pace, offering a peaceful retreat from the busier, more touristy parts of Fiji

Vanua Levu, reachable by plane from Viti Levu, has both quaint coastal town stays and luxurious waterfront hotels. Nearby smaller islets host world-renowned resorts with palm-fringed white sand beaches. To the southeast tip of Vanua Levu lies Tavueni, Fiji’s third largest island aptly nicknamed the “Garden Island.” Its natural wonders span from a scuba diving mecca known as Rainbow Reef to the canyons and waterfalls found within Bouma National Heritage Park. Both islands feature scenic hikes, snorkelling spots, and long walks amidst nature. 

Northern Islands, Fiji Holiday Packages

Step right into the heart of Fijian coastal life and breathtaking natural wonders with our Northern Islands, Fiji holiday packages.

Helpful Information

What is Northern Fiji known for?

With its gold-tinged hills, rocky shores, lush fauna, and vibrant aquatic life, Northern Fiji is a nature-lover’s paradise. It hosts some of the world’s best scuba diving sites and idyllic waterfront hotels that offer boutique service. 

When is the best time to visit Northern Islands, Fiji?

The best time to tour Northern Islands, Fiji is during the dry season, which typically runs from May to October. This period offers pleasant weather for outdoor activities like snorkelling and exploring the islands’ natural wonders.

Are there any special honeymoon packages in Northern Islands, Fiji?

Northern Fiji is the idyllic honeymoon destination with its powdery beaches and crystal clear waters framed by emerald green peaks. Resorts like Namale Resort & Spa and Tavenui Palms Resort offer a romantic escape for newlyweds.

What are the top attractions in Northern Islands, Fiji?

Holiday tour packages to Northern Islands, Fiji feature attractions like the breathtaking Lake Tagimaucia, a 900-metre–high crater lake, pristine dive sites, the Lavena Coastal Walk, Waitabu Marine Park, and Kaibu Island, among others. 

Are there family-friendly holiday packages in Northern Islands, Fiji?

Fiji’s northern tip doesn’t fall short of kid-friendly activities. From guided snorkelling tours and jetski safari adventures to nature walks and dolphin spotting, families are guaranteed a fantastic time in these remote corners of Fiji.  

Are there any luxury holiday packages with upscale accommodation and services?

Fiji’s Northern Islands may be less crowded, but they certainly don't lack upscale experiences. New luxury resorts and restaurants have been cropping up on Vanua Levu. Meanwhile, Qamea, Taveuni, Matangi, and Namale resorts remain as established accommodations, providing the epitome of a luxury holiday.

Can I include day trips to nearby areas, like Mamanuca Islands, in tour packages?

Many resorts and tour operators would include day trips and excursions to nearby spots like Mamanuca Islands while staying in Northern Fiji. It’s an excellent way to witness the diverse beauty and culture of Fiji during your trip. Be sure to choose a luxury tour provider like Entire Travel Group to make sure you get the best day trip deals possible. 

Are there any special events or festivals in Northern Fiji?

Fiji, including its northern regions, hosts various festivals throughout the year. The Hibiscus Festival, Northern Division Agricultural Show, kava ceremonies in resorts, and religious festivals in coastal towns stand out as essential cultural events you shouldn’t miss. 

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