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South Malé Atoll

South Male has a more tranquil feel from its busy northern neighbour!

Like its northern counterpart, the South Male Atoll is replete with diving points, surf breaks and sugary beaches that are a delight all year. What pulls in people to the southern half of the Male Atoll though is its relatively more tranquil atmosphere. Cross the channel of Vaadhoo Kandu to the South Male Atoll and see how it is different from its busy neighbour. Only three of its islands are inhabited and the populations are relatively small, but that is not to say adventure and fun do not wait at South Male at every turn. Maafushi Island, the capital of South Male Atoll, offers plenty of dining choices and a wide range of accommodation options, from 5-star luxury resort hotels to charming local guest houses.

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Our Must-Dos in South Male

  • Enjoy a drink on a floating bar outside Mabuti’s harbour.
  • Laze around Bikini Beach and see the spectacular sunset.
  • Swim with reef sharks, turtles, rays and napoleons that lurk in Cocoa Corner, a popular drift dive.
  • Cross to Felidhu Atoll and witness traditional boat-building on one of the islands.
  • Mingle with the big schools of batfish, sweetlips, lionfish, and long-jawed squirrelfish that reside in Guiradhoo Corner.
  • Venture into the huge Kadooma Caves where giant morays can be found.
  • Go on a night dive and explore the Kuda Giri wreck, an intact steel wreck of an unknown cargo boat. Bring a torch and look inside the cargo hold at the hull's back.
  • Get up close and personal with stingrays of Velassaru Caves,
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