Canada & Alaska Travel Connection

Canada & Alaska Travel Connection

See what's in store for you beyond fjords and glaciers. Canada & Alaska Travel Connection delivers a uniquely authentic experience with its wide range of accommodation options, rail packages, coach tours, cruises, self-drive trips, and off-beat journeys in two of the world's most amazing destinations.

Canada & Alaska Travel Connection

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other with Canada & Alaska Travel Connection, your one-stop shop for hassle-free tours and accommodations in two of the world's most amazing destinations. It's our goal to take you to places you never knew existed - to let you see the unspoilt side of the world ripe with iconic adventures and mysteries hidden in plain sight!

At Canada & Alaska Travel Connection, all roads lead to the vast snowy nation far north. We offer cruising expeditions, coach tours, rail packages, and self-drive packages covering the must-see destinations in Alaska and Canada. We’ve known these regions by heart, making us your top choice for customised journeys to the exciting off-the-beaten tracks shaped by strong climate, diversity and wilderness.

Trust us when we say there’s more to see beyond the glaciers and fjords. Ask us now and we will be more than happy to offer our recommendations on the best places to visit and what type of packages best suit the kind of holiday you have in mind.  From wildlife-viewing excursions in the Denali National Park, to witnessing the majestic Northern Lights, to cruising through the splashing grandeur of Niagara Falls – our travel specialists know how to maximize your experience and make it truly unique and special.

Flexible Itineraries

Ordinary tours can make you feel like someone’s merely dragging you around from one stop to the next.  At Canada & Alaska Travel Connection, we pride ourselves with our flexible itineraries that let you go about your tour in your own terms.

We believe that travel should be unique and personal.  This is why we allow you to build your itinerary from scratch with assistance from our travel experts. 

Self-Drive Tours

You’ll love the flexibility of our self-drive tours where you’re free to take a pick from an array of scenic roads and rugged coastlines to drive on.  You can top off your road trip with a detour to legendary routes such as the Alaska Highway, dubbed as the Top of the World Highway from Canada into Alaska, or head over to Yukon and Northwest Territories and Coastal Alaska where sweeping vistas and off-the-scale sights are worth a stop.

Rail Packages

If traveling in comfort or style is your thing, you can sign up for one of our rail packages where all the itineraries are in Gold Star Service assuring you the best seating, highlights, and customisable inclusions on your journey. If you’ve been wanting to tick Canadian Rockies off your bucket list then here’s your chance.  Allow our Canada Rail Experts to tailor your itinerary across the majestic mountains according to your budget, travel style, and other preferences. If you’re a bit pressed for time, you can always select our ready-made itineraries covering West to East Coast (or vice versa) that you can book all year round. Rustic sights, amazing wildlife, and lush vegetation sure look mesmerizing during summer, spring, or fall, but the spectacular drama formed by snow-capped mountains and pristine frozen lakes during winter is simply irresistible.  Our winter rail packages can take you from the coastal city of Vancouver down to the alpine town of Jasper on an easy winter wonderland tour inclusive of convenient coach connections to Lake Louise and Banff, where you get to see glacier-fed lakes and awe-inspiring forests and rivers.

There’s so much in store for you on your holiday that there’s never an idle spot in your itinerary!

Coach Tours

If you want to sit back, relax, and journey at your own pace, our selection of coach tours is your best bet. Our Atlantic Canada tours offer the most convenient way to experience the truly unique part of Canada – the bucolic fishing villages, vintage lighthouses, astonishing art scene, and bewildering stories of pirates and shipwrecks that formed the depths of Canada’s captivating history. Our Alaska packaged tours are just as stimulating and varied as our Canada tours.  From gourmet experiences, to wildlife expeditions, to nature, geological and cultural explorations, we’ve got everything covered down to a tee!


Pleasure voyages through a maze of glacier-engraved bays and fjords await travellers who book our cruises.  Cruising in Alaska means you’ll get closer to a plethora of unspoiled sites, including iconic wildlife, aquatic wonders, phenomenal landscapes, and culture centred seaside towns. Our extensive itineraries include voyages to the majestic Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arm Fjord, Inside Passage, and Ketchikan. You can take your cruising up a notch with amazing off-shore excursions on historic landmarks such as frontier outposts and the Klondike Gold Rush which are able to retain an untouched glimpse of the past. 

Cruising in Canada also brings out the same level of excitement and wonder.  As you cruise through the east coast, you’ll get yourself acquainted with French influences, architectural marvels and historic towns while keeping yourself immersed in Mother Nature in all her glory. Depending on your itinerary, your cruise allows you to saunter in awe of the coastal villages of Nova Scotia to the Rue St. Louis in Quebec, the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove in Halifax, and some architecture treasures in Montreal. You may opt for Small Ship Cruising in Alaska if you want an expedition that’s intimate and non-traditional.

Now that you’ve decided on where to go on your next holiday, the big question is where to stay? Don’t fret. Allow us to do the work for you. Simplifying the process and giving you the best options for your travel is our top priority. Our partnership with top rated lodges, and hotels and resorts ensures that you’ll have the best time of your life in every travel you book! We inspect, evaluate and review our suppliers carefully – making sure that each accommodation option is able to make you feel safe and at home regardless if you’re travelling at the city or in a remote location.

Ready to take a trip of a lifetime? Contact us today and let us know where you want to go.

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