Nuku Hiva Island Travel Guide and Deals

Formed by volcanoes and has an abundance of rocky shores, pristine bays, waterfalls, valleys and basalt peaks. Nuku Hiva is the largest of the six inhabited islands that form the Marquesas archipelago. These islands are some of the most remote islands in the world, and are very different from the Society Islands’ calm lagoons with their surrounding reefs. In Nuku Hiva sheer cliffs drop off in to the rough and wild vast ocean. Nuku Hiva is situated 1400km from the island of Tahiti. Flights to the island take three and a half hours from Tahiti, or alternatively you can arrive by boat on the passenger/cargo vessel, the Aranui 3.


The vast and less crowded Nuku Hiva showcases spectacular natural wonders. Exploring the island lets you see everything from sharp basaltic cliffs with crashing waves to rich, green valleys.


Nuku Hiva also houses the enduring and tiny Taiohae. The incredible centre of the Marquesas Islands has a bay where sailboats and tattooed residents on horseback settle. Memorable attractions await you — numerous archeological sites, superb horse riding and hiking, and decorative handicrafts.

Nuku Hiva Island FAQs

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Where is Nuku Hiva located?

Nuku Hiva is part of the Marquesas Islands. They’re an archipelago that’s 932 miles (1,500 kilometres) northeast of Tahiti, with 12 islands comprising it.

Is Nuku Hiva safe for travellers?

French Polynesia, including Nuku Hiva, sees few serious crimes. Still, minor offences, like theft and drink spiking, happen. So always keep an eye on your belongings, food and drinks.

How do I get to Nuku Hiva?

You can travel to this island by plane, charter flight, sailboat, or cruise ship.

How do I fly to Nuku Hiva?

No Australian airlines offer direct flights to Nuku Hiva. But if you’re travelling from Hiva Oa, Papeete, Ua Huka, or Ua Pou, book your flight with Air Tahiti.

How do I get around Nuku Hiva?

You can rent cars and scooters to explore the island. Be warned, though: you’ll cross sharp, spiralling roads where horses and cows wander.

Where can I stay in Nuku Hiva?

Hotels, Tahitian guesthouses and vacation rental sites are the island’s main accommodations.

What can I do in Nuku Hiva?

Some experiences you can try here include:

  • Sight-seeing on a sailboat or horse

  • Visiting ancient archaeological sites housing legendary tiki and stone temple ruins

  • Exploring Nuku Hiva’s historic cathedrals, including the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Taiohae

Where can I find the island’s important facilities?

Taiohae’s fishing port is home to some shops, a craft centre, and several food trucks. You’ll also see Nuku Hiva’s authorities, hospital, pharmacy, and bank with a cash dispenser in Taiohae.

What currency does Nuku Hiva use?

The Pacific franc is the official currency of Tahiti’s islands, including Nuku Hiva.

Will Nuku Hiva businesses accept tips?

Tipping is rare around Tahiti’s islands. But businesses will gladly receive tips for exceptional service.

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