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The Ahe atoll is the perfect destination for those that are looking for an authentic Polynesian experience.

Located between Rangiroa and Manihi, the Ahe atoll is the perfect destination for those that are looking for an authentic Polynesian experience. Flights to Ahe take 2 hours and 20 minutes from Tahiti, via Takaroa.

There is only one pass, Tiareroa, to enter the 70m deep lagoon waters of Ahe. Surrounding the pass are numerous coral drop-offs which make the perfect spot to snorkel or dive with a diverse species of sharks, rays, turtles, napoleon fish, barracudas and more.

These days the locals live mainly from fishing, copra and especially pearl farming which has developed a lot so that Ahe is now renowned as a leader in the pearl farming industry with her pearls having exceptional colours and reflections.

The small village of Tenukupara, which can be reached by boat, is located to the southwest of the island. Ahe has no hotels and just a few guest houses, pensions.

Ahe is also known for its unspoilt nature such as the rare forest Pisonia Grandis and the bird island home to a variety of rare species.

We love the relaxed off the beaten track feel of Ahe. You really feel like you have left the stresses of the world behind and have nothing to worry about except what fish you will catch for dinner!

Ahe will suit those travellers looking for a unique Polynesian experience, away from the hustle and bustle of large hotels, in simple family run guest houses.

Ahe FAQs

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Where can I find Ahe?

This atoll lies between Rangiroa and Manihi. It’s a huge island that makes up part of French Polynesia’s King George Islands. Ahe is 15 kilometres west of Manihi and 76 kilometres northeast of Arutua.

What does this island look like?

Ahe is a ring-shaped, reef-topped seamount with rocky, sandy shores. It features a shimmering, turquoise lagoon with a thriving marine ecosystem.

How long is a flight from Tahiti to Ahe?

You can reach Ahe within an hour on a direct flight from Tahiti. But if you’re travelling to the area from other islands, expect a longer flight.

How do I get around Ahemaru?

Ahe has no paved roads, so residents and visitors explore the island on foot or the surrounding area by boat.

Where can I stay on this atoll?

Omaru has many cosy, family-run guest houses and pensions to stay in, such as Cocoperle Lodge. This eco-lodge features four Polynesian beachfront bungalows and daily Ahe tours organized by the owners.

Does Ahe have pearl farms?

Ahe is bestrewn with scenic pearl farms where you can witness how residents harvest and preserve Tahitian black pearls. You’ll see how much dedication and respect the natives have for Ahe’s divine, delicate environment.

What are other activities I can do in Ahe?

Ahe’s picturesque lagoon offers many water-based activities, such as swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and fishing. Tiareroa Pass is also a great place to go snorkelling, with countless coral drop-offs where you can spot turtles, rays, sharks and other marine creatures.

Can I surf on this atoll?

A perfect sequence of waves draws in surfers from around the world to Ahe. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though. Locals call it “Evasan,” or medical evacuation, because of how risky surfing here is.

Does Ahemaru have other islets around it?

Many small motus (islets) surround Ahe. One islet is blanketed by palm trees and unique leafy trees with dense, twisted roots called Pisonia grandis.

Is Ahe a populated area?

A little over 500 people live on this island, making it a less crowded, unspoiled destination.

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