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Tikehau is located 300 km north east of the island of Tahiti and flights to Tikehau take just 55 minutes from Tahiti.

Tikehau is one of the most beautiful atolls in French Polynesia, it forms an almost unbroken circle, 26 kilometres across, creating a unique ecosystem and the highest concentration of fish of all the atolls. It attracts the majestic Manta Rays who come to the lagoon waters to be cleaned by the little cleaner fish!

Tikehau also had a fabulous snorkelling coral garden site as well as many fabulous dive sites where you will see reef sharks, barracudas, dolphins, sea turtles and many more species.

The pink sand beaches take in many bird colonies that have sought refuge in the small islands scattered in the lagoon, including the aptly named Island of Birds, well known for its red-footed gannets and brown noddies.

Tikehau will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the traditional Polynesian way of life, exploring the lagoon, the Island of Birds or the villages, by kayak, foot, bicycle, or sailboat.

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