Taha’a Island Travel Guide and Deals

Often referred to as the Vanilla Island, for its abundance of vanilla plantations.

Often called the Vanilla Island, Taha’a is also known as Raiatea’s sister island, as they both share the same lagoon.

Taha’a is located 230km to the west of Tahiti and flights to Taha’a actually land on Raiatea. You are then transferred by boat to the nearby island of Taha’a.

Vanilla growing is the main activity on Taha’a and wherever you go, to the top of Mount Ohiri, around the winding island road or in to secluded bays, the sweet aroma of vanilla lingers heavily in the air. Taha’a produces more than 80% of Tahiti’s world famous vanilla.

We love the picturesque sandy islet motus scattered around Taha’a’s stunning lagoon. There are an array of pensions with white sand beaches and turquoise lagoon waters lapping at their bungalows! Taha’a is also home to the stunning five star Relais & Chateau Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa.

Taha’a will suit those travellers looking for an island that has retained its authentic charm. Her attraction is her motus and the turquoise waters that surround them. The lagoon is teeming with marine life and snorkellers will revel in the clear and warm lagoon waters. Taha’a is a giant aquarium and you will delight in the abundance of fish, sharks, eels and coral on display.


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Where is Taha’a Island located?

Taha’a is located northwest of Tahiti, next to Bora Bora.

How big is Taha’a?

The island is 90 square kilometres.

Is Taha’a a populated area?

The tiny island of Taha’a is home to a population of 5,220.

How do you get to Taha’a?

You can reach Taha'a by boat, as there are no airports on the island. Shuttle boats, seaplanes, and helicopters are also available near Raiatea.

What can I do during my stay in Taha’a?

Discover the wonders of Taha’a’s crystal-clear waters. You can go snorkelling and explore the coral gardens, which are a passage from the ocean barrier reef into the Taha’s inner lagoon. A deep-sea dive here will give you a first-hand experience of the island’s marine life from various fish species.

Where can I stay in Taha’a?

Taha'a offers a variety of accommodations for every type of traveller. The Le Taha'a Private Island & Spa and the Private Island Resort are the two main resorts located on their own private islands. For those seeking a more laid-back experience, guest houses by the bay are available for rent. And for those seeking a unique experience, a yacht rental is also an option.

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