Mangareva Island Travel Guide and Deals

Referred to as the cradle of Catholicism in French Polynesia and offers some of the most beautiful religious buildings in Polynesia.

Fun Facts About Mangareva

Mangareva houses one of Tahiti’s most stunning lagoons, but the island’s charms go beyond the surface.

In its turquoise waters are coral heads and marine creatures that complement Mangareva’s green peaks. Visitors may also find a wealth of Tahitian pearls and historical attractions on the island.

Located more than 1700km east of Tahiti, the Gambier Archipelago is a little off the beaten tourist track but its rare atmosphere of history and mystery make the trip worthwhile. The Gambier Archipelago is characterised by a cooler climate than the other islands in Tahiti and by their stunning variety of landscapes. Eighteen "motu" and ten high islands share a unique lagoon with wondrous shades of blue and green.

Mangareva is the main island, is referred to as the cradle of Catholicism in French Polynesia and offers some of the most beautiful religious buildings in Polynesia. Mangareva is the farthest island from Tahiti and flights to Mangareva take 4 hours and 30 minutes, via Tureia.

Mangareva is also famous for its high quality pearls. These black and multicoloured pearls, which are “born” in the pristine waters of Mangareva, are considered the most beautiful pearls in all of French Polynesia.

Mangareva is a preserved and authentic island offering a range of water and land based activities.

Mangareva FAQs

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Where is Mangareva located?

The island is on the southeasternmost part of the Tuamotu Islands. Gambier is about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) east-southeast of Tahiti.

How do I get to Mangareva?

You can book a regular or chartered flight to Mangareva. Air Tahiti offers both, while Air Archipels and Sarl Pol’air provide charter flights.

How long is the travel time from Tahiti to Mangareva?

Flights from Tahiti to Mangareva are four hours and 25 minutes long.

How do I get around Mangareva?

Rikitea, Mangareva’s main village, offers car rentals. But for small islands, travellers often get around by joining tours, hiring local guides, walking or riding a boat or bicycle.

What can I do on Mangareva Island?

If you're looking for a tropical adventure on a luxurious, secluded island, you've come to the right place. Many travellers prefer to kayak and snorkel on the island’s beautiful lagoon, while hikers can visit Mt. Duff or Mangareva’s historic churches.

Which historical sites should I visit?

You’ll find hundreds of religious buildings around Gambier, such as the Cathedral Saint Michel, French Polynesia’s biggest and oldest monument.

Where can I stay in Mangareva?

Mangareva’s hotels are typically small family pensions and guesthouses located in the small town of Rikitea. You can stay at Chez Jojo, Chez Bianca and Benoît, or Pension Maro’i.

Can I find pearls on this island?

Gambier’s untouched and remote surroundings are dotted with mother-of-pearl oysters. Their unmatched quality, colour and shape make these precious jewels a great investment for aficionados.

What is Mangareva Island’s official language?

As of 2020, about 200 natives speak Mangarevan, an Austronesian language closely related to the Marquesas’ official languages.

How many people live in Mangareva?

The island is home to around 1,239 residents.

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When to visit

Winter in the Gambier Islands can get especially chilly. We recommend planning your trip in spring or autumn to enjoy the sunshine and crisp, cool breeze.

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